Best Free Chrome Apps

07/22 to 07/29

Top 5 Games Apps


#1 Robbers Vs Cops

224% Growth

Your task is to catch and destroy the robbers.

1,337 Users

#2 Pou

195% Growth

Pou.This excellent game play for free.

5,441 Users

#3 Batterfield Map

189% Growth

Shoot against other players in this pixel world.

3,453 Users

#4 Scurry

183% Growth

Play as a cockroach who is running through a grocery store, avoid obstacles, get sweet power-ups, and try not to go splat!

3,558 Users

#5 Pool Games

164% Growth

Play Pool Games Online. Our top Pool games are 8 Ball Pool, 8 Ball QFP, and 9 Ball QFP.

1,737 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

07/22 to 07/29

Top 5 Lifestyle Apps


#1 HotelComparison and Booking

112% Growth

Find hotels for your next holiday. Book Cheapest hotels and rooms.

598 Users

#2 1000 Places to Visit Before you Die

112% Growth

Explore the exotic places in the world and discover its true beauty. You must at least see these images before you die.

637 Users

#3 Calm

112% Growth for your Desktop

934 Users

#4 Tarot Readings Free

111% Growth

This app gives you a Past, Present and Future tarot reading directly. Enjoy free tarot reading. Simply shuffle, choose you cards

3,278 Users

#5 WDW NewsToday

110% Growth

WDW News Today (WDWNT) is a daily-updated resource for news and information on the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts.

619 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

07/22 to 07/29

Top 5 Utilities Apps


#1 WifiTransfer - Instant wireless file transfer

156% Growth

Wirelessly transfer files between yourcomputer and mobile phone over local network with a single tap.

4,047 Users

#2 Desktop

142% Growth is a completely free diagram editor.

2,175 Users

#3 Site Bookmarks

140% Growth

This is a website directory with the best and most popular websites.

2,836 Users

#4 Any Files To PDF

135% Growth

you can use to create PDF from any printable document. Download this free PDF printer right now and use it to convert to PDF

809 Users

#5 Screen Keyboard

133% Growth

On-Screen Keyboard for your desktop

966 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

07/22 to 07/29

Top 5 Enter Apps


#1 CoolStreaming - Best Streaming Site

115% Growth

CoolStreaming Biggest Internet tv platform to 2005. Also On Ipad,Iphone,Tv-surf,Windows Mobile

731 Users

#2 Wild WildTaxi

111% Growth

You will be addicted immediatly after playing Wild Wild Taxi! In this super fun game you must use the arrow keys to dodge the ca

6,986 Users

#3 Roomy TV

109% Growth

A Simple Web App To Watch TV Online for free with

989 Users

#4 Oh My Dog

109% Growth

Oh My Dog - the famous one minute series by the grandfather of animation - Narsi.

1,733 Users

#5 Short stories

108% Growth

Share your short stories

1,963 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

07/22 to 07/29

Top 5 Education Apps


#1 Socrative Teacher

153% Growth

Socrative Teacher Chrome App

1,088 Users

#2 LanSchool Student

126% Growth

LanSchool Student application for Chromebook

999 Users

#3 IXL

121% Growth

Engaging, adaptive K-12 math and language arts practice. Discover the joy of learning with IXL!

3,444 Users

#4 Translate

121% Growth

Language Translation helps you translate text to a language of your choice, try a non English text as well!

4,708 Users

#5 ABAEnglish - Level Test

119% Growth

Check your English level

1,669 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

07/22 to 07/29

Top 5 News/Weat Apps



112% Growth

The Worldwide Leader In Sports

10,975 Users

#2 1800PocketPC

110% Growth

Windows Phone / Windows Tablet News and Reviews

1,036 Users

#3 My Tiny Tiny RSS

108% Growth

A chrome app link to your personal install of Tiny Tiny RSS.

1,284 Users

#4 US Weather Radar

107% Growth

US Weather Radar including weather forecast, alerts, webcams, meteograms, traffic, cloud and KML overlay and much more

36,313 Users

#5 AppAppeal

106% Growth

Web Based App Directory

763 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

07/22 to 07/29

Top 5 Prod Apps


#1 Codeanywhere

130% Growth

The only multi-platform cloud editor. Your code, anywhere

2,075 Users

#2 Subtext Editor

123% Growth

An code editor for Chrome.

3,590 Users

#3 Chremacs

114% Growth

An emacs-like text editor.

964 Users

#4 Ra

112% Growth

A text editor and file manager for your local file system.

2,968 Users

#5 Quickfire

111% Growth

A code editor for HTML, CSS and JavaScript

826 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

07/22 to 07/29

Top 5 Business Apps


#1 Draft

165% Growth

A Chrome App to bring Draft to your Desktop.

2,993 Users

#2 Xero Accounting

137% Growth

Beautiful Accounting Software

826 Users


126% Growth

The safer Bitcoin wallet that puts you in control.See and for more informati

705 Users

#4 Warrant Search

124% Growth

Welcome to InteliGator - Perform Instant Background Checks with InteliGator

3,492 Users

#5 Business and Management

117% Growth

Business and management tips, terms, facts, websites, history, events and knowledge.

1,283 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

07/22 to 07/29

Top 5 Soc/Comm Apps



214% Growth

The shortest and fastest way to open!

2,428 Users

#2 Facebook one click login

150% Growth

One click Facebook account access!

3,938 Users

#3 2014 Facebook messenger

139% Growth

Facebook messenger messaging through the internet, video sending, voice recording, sending, sending offers features such as pict

5,562 Users


134% Growth

Online shopping from the earth's biggest selection of books, fashion, music, videos, shoes, jewelry and just about anything else

846 Users

#5 skypesmileys

132% Growth

skype smileys, for skype Messenger.The complete list of Hidden Skype Emoticons and Skype Smileys.

4,336 Users

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