Best Free Chrome Apps

04/11 to 04/19

Top 5 Games Apps


#1 spot the difference

382% Growth

Just find the difference between two images ... Created with

3,134 Users

#2 Word Wacker

278% Growth

Teach your child sight words.

2,561 Users

#3 Math / Maths Quiz v2

181% Growth

A fun educational math / maths quiz game

1,700 Users

#4 Operation Triplane Mission to Norden

179% Growth

You are a triplane pilot during WWI on a very important mission.

1,519 Users

#5 DabbleDraw

177% Growth

DabbleDraw is a drawing, writing and educational publishing application for students of all ages.

5,130 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

04/11 to 04/19

Top 5 Lifestyle Apps


#1 The Lynny Lens System

122% Growth

The Lynny is a creative soft focus, selective focusing camera lens that works on all SLR and DSLR cameras

2,542 Users

#2 ????? ? ??????

112% Growth

????????-????? - ?????? ??????????? ????? Porsche (?????) ? ??????.

597 Users

#3 Love Calculator

109% Growth

A love meter that calculates how much you are loved or how much you love today. You know love is not static. So, the calculation

575 Users

#4 Black Friday Deals

107% Growth

Find best Black Friday deals & coupons from, Best Buy,, Walmart, Newegg. Get Best discounts on popular produc

788 Users

#5 Xopard

105% Growth

Contabilidad familiar

1,071 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

04/11 to 04/19

Top 5 Utilities Apps


#1 Moxtra Web

209% Growth

Your Binder. Share Selectively.

1,756 Users

#2 Dictionary

121% Growth

Simple but Powerful Dictionary

14,075 Users

#3 - Gratis website maken

121% Growth

Nederlands grootste Gratis Website maker meer dan 180.000 gebruikers! Geen kennis van HTML nodig, Webklik is gratis en makkelijk

745 Users

#4 SimpleDB Scratchpad

117% Growth

Test and make calls to Amazon SimpleDB without having to set up a programming environment

771 Users

#5 Dictionary.comSpanish!

115% Growth Spanish, the world's favorite Spanish dictionary, translations and popular Spanish Word of the Day.

14,616 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

04/11 to 04/19

Top 5 Enter Apps


#1 Spot the Difference

296% Growth

Find the difference between the two images in the quickest time possible in this fun Spot the Difference game

6,168 Users

#2 EffectyGram

166% Growth

EffectyGram is a easy and useful way to edit online your Instagram photos.

22,455 Users

#3 NewFreeScreensavers

135% Growth is a website with an ever-growing collection of safe and free screensavers.

1,461 Users

#4 Typing Speed Test

125% Growth

Have you always wanted to test how fast and accuratly you type is so Typing Speed Test is the game for you! YOu will be given a

2,166 Users

#5 physicSketch

122% Growth

When you draw something on a canvas, it starts moving under the Newtonian law.

2,063 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

04/11 to 04/19

Top 5 Education Apps


#1 Flash Cards : US Presidents

211% Growth

Free US Presidents Flash Cards

2,707 Users

#2 Pics4Learning

181% Growth

Free Copyright-Free Photos for Education

21,303 Users

#3 Math Marathon Word Problems

164% Growth

Math Marathons is a Marathons of Math Word Problems, Here the kids from 1st to 5th grade can run the different Marathons.

2,531 Users

#4 Dynamic Periodic Table

153% Growth

The world's most popular periodic table in app form! Dynamic layouts, trends, orbitals, thousands of isotopes, and writeups.

6,959 Users

#5 Baraboo Schools

150% Growth

Baraboo Schools Website

8,529 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

04/11 to 04/19

Top 5 News/Weat Apps


#1 CoreAnime 3

257% Growth

???????????????????????????????? ???? Summer 2012

1,487 Users

#2 Campionato di Calcio di Serie A

110% Growth

Calendario, Risultati, Classifica, Statistiche del campionato di Calcio di Serie A

753 Users

#3 Widget 101

107% Growth

Widget 101 es una red de tutoriales donde encontrarás los mejores artículos sobre programación, diseño web, diseño de video jueg

586 Users

#4 - Digitale Terrestre

107% Growth

Tutto sulla televisione digitale terrestre. Notizie sui programmi tv e il meglio dello sport in streaming

1,042 Users

#5 Jeuxvideo Forum de Gamer Geek

106% Growth

Tchat et Forum autour des jeux videos mobiles et smartphone (android & iphone) et aussi console (xbox, playstation, nintendo wii

1,664 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

04/11 to 04/19

Top 5 Prod Apps


#1 Wallnote

172% Growth

Simple minimalist sticky note wall with local storage.

1,446 Users

#2 Tinkercad

151% Growth

Tinkercad - a browser based CAD for 3D printing.

39,543 Users

#3 Mojo Helpdesk Launch Pad

148% Growth

With Mojo Helpdesk Launch Pad, go directly from your Chrome home tab to Mojo Helpdesk in just one click

1,552 Users

#4 JSPixely

138% Growth

Pixel graphics editor for Pixel artists

5,289 Users

#5 Flickrlight

112% Growth

Flickr meets Silverlight!

16,234 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

04/11 to 04/19

Top 5 Business Apps


#1 - brainstorm with ease

120% Growth makes brainstorming easy. Create colorful mind maps. Share and work with friends. Email and print your mind map.

16,856 Users

#2 KashFlow Accounting Software

115% Growth

The easier-to-use alternative to Sage and Quickbooks

5,134 Users

#3 e-conomic DK

108% Growth

Online regnskabsprogram - på den nemme måde

553 Users

#4 wecanclick

108% Growth

La primera aplicación de gestión online para fotógrafos de habla hispana

1,296 Users

#5 pingg Invitations

105% Growth

We're special. Find cool, unique, artist-designed invitations, ecards and announcements that can't be found anywhere else.

2,030 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

04/11 to 04/19

Top 5 Soc/Comm Apps


#1 ScreenCastle

219% Growth

ScreenCastle is a screencast recorder and hosting service. You canrecord and share a screencast directly from your browser.

14,740 Users

#2 Screenr

137% Growth

Just click record. Screenr's web-based screen recorder makes ita breeze to create and share screencasts around the web.

37,239 Users

#3 Nail Art Gallery

108% Growth

Nail Art Gallery is a nail artist community sharing nail art photos.

563 Users

#4 Extender for Twitter

106% Growth

*** NEW ***You can follow us on Twitter at @babbl_me.

810 Users

#5 VirtuaLife Video Chat Brazil

106% Growth

A Brazilian Webcam Chat

654 Users

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