Best Free Chrome Apps

12/11 to 12/18

Top 5 Games Apps


#1 Christmas coloring game

227% Growth

Choose a colour and have fun!

2,561 Users

#2 Zombie Holiday

187% Growth

Zombie Holiday is an arcade style game in which you play as Santa Claus whose defending the north pole from a zombie apocalypse.

5,209 Users

#3 Christmas Time Solitaire

156% Growth

Play a beautiful collection of solitaire games with Christmas theme!

6,024 Users

#4 Life Gatherer

153% Growth

Life Gatherer is the cleanest and most efficient life counter for the trading card game, Magic: The Gathering (MTG)!

2,668 Users

#5 Desktop Tower Defense

143% Growth

Defend your base and shoot down air and ground targets.

5,807 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

12/11 to 12/18

Top 5 Lifestyle Apps


#1 MileWise

139% Growth

Travel like a genius. Track your rewards. Search flights in cash, miles, and points.

833 Users

#2 momondo Travel Search

129% Growth

Search and compare flights and hotels online

1,545 Users

#3 Habitual

127% Growth

Better Habits, Better You.

3,379 Users

#4 MobilyTrip

124% Growth

Worldwide guide & Travel journal

1,150 Users

#5 Dinner Happy

116% Growth

All your favorite recipes

4,979 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

12/11 to 12/18

Top 5 Utilities Apps


#1 Soundtrap

209% Growth

Record music online

2,841 Users

#2 Kanbanchi

118% Growth

Kanbanchi is a free dashboard application for project collaboration, supporting kanban method paradigm.

8,899 Users

#3 Christmas Clock - the Xmas Countdown

118% Growth

Count down to Xmas with this sweet Christmas Clock.

2,743 Users

#4 - Online Photo Editor

116% Growth is a free online photo editor for images in all common formats (JPG, PNG, BMP). Adjust and crop images in browser.

2,136 Users

#5 New TabPlus(APP)

113% Growth

New Tab Plus is an extended application of the Chrome brower which is based on HTML5. It offers several features such as speed…

79,367 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

12/11 to 12/18

Top 5 Enter Apps


#1 Metataste - Discover Movies

113% Growth

Personalized recommendations. Robust movie search. Movies similar to a movie. Maintain lists. Meet movie lovers with similar tas

8,843 Users

#2 MyMusicCloud

111% Growth

MyMusicCloud is a global music service that enables you to access and play your music on any device

47,161 Users

#3 Meme Generator

108% Growth

Create memes instantly and share them with your friends!

22,326 Users

#4 Online Digital Guitar Tuner

107% Growth

Free guitar tuner that really works.

789 Users

#5 BookSliced

106% Growth

Find free ebooks and discover discounts.

618 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

12/11 to 12/18

Top 5 Education Apps


#1 Translate Ninja

115% Growth

Translates text to a language of your choice, ninja style!

2,167 Users

#2 DataCamp

112% Growth

Become a data expert now! Learn data analysis for free, interactively!

2,301 Users

#3 App Kid

112% Growth

Children learn by playing. App Kid is for them both to have fun and to learn.

7,044 Users

#4 Booktrack Classroom

111% Growth

A new way to learn: Booktrack is a must-have for readers and writers alike.

4,676 Users

#5 Narrable

110% Growth

Storytelling for Every Classroom

946 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

12/11 to 12/18

Top 5 News/Weat Apps


#1 AppMag.Mobi

106% Growth

Mobile App Magazine (International Edition)

861 Users

#2 Singapore Weather Nowcast

104% Growth

Shows Singapore's weather forecast for the next 3 hours on a Google Maps backdrop.

552 Users

#3 Industry Tap

104% Growth

Tap into engineering and industry news.

773 Users

#4 EldonReader

104% Growth

Transforms your favorite websites into an interactive digital magazine.

1,225 Users

#5 TeamSnap

102% Growth

The easiest way to manage your sports team or group. Loved by over 60,000 teams worldwide.

1,780 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

12/11 to 12/18

Top 5 Prod Apps


#1 Loupe Card

114% Growth

Make awesome cards for your friends that they will remember

2,675 Users

#2 AccessToGo (Fastest Free RDP Client)

114% Growth

The fastest free remote desktop / RDP client app for Google Chrome and Chromebooks

32,749 Users

#3 Flowhub

113% Growth

Peer-to-peer full-stack visual programming for your fingers

1,336 Users

#4 Quickfire

107% Growth

A code editor for HTML, CSS and JavaScript

1,373 Users

#5 Web Design Project Online Marketplace

107% Growth

The largest online marketplace connecting website owners with web design and internet marketing firms

1,675 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

12/11 to 12/18

Top 5 Business Apps


#1 Kitchen Friend

118% Growth

Get accurate recipe costs instantly. Increase menu profitability and reduce food costs of your hospitality business.

2,054 Users

#2 ERPLY Accounting

115% Growth

Easy-to-use accounting software integrated with Point-Of-Sale

708 Users

#3 Reflections on Business

112% Growth

Thought provoking quotes dedicated to the fascinating world of business and industry.

579 Users

#4 XOData®

110% Growth

OData Visualizer and Explorer

723 Users

#5 GreenAddress

109% Growth

The safer Bitcoin wallet that puts you in control.See and for more informati

6,968 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

12/11 to 12/18

Top 5 Soc/Comm Apps


#1 Greetings Card of the Day

172% Growth

New, beautiful, and thoughtful greetings card for every special events of the year including Birthday, Anniversary, Family, Love

3,382 Users


112% Growth

The shortest and fastest way to open! is developing usefull apps to make your life easier!

1,097 Users

#3 Best Online Shopping Deals Site

111% Growth

"A One Stop Search For All Your Needs"

1,320 Users

#4 123Greetings eCards

110% Growth is the world"s leading website for free ecards relating to human emotions, world events, holidays and occasions

1,566 Users

#5 Steam Chat

109% Growth

You can now use Steam Chat at work, directly from your browser!

1,474 Users

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