Best Free Chrome Apps

10/23 to 10/30

Top 5 Games Apps


#1 N3rd Boy

153% Growth

A vertical speedrun platformer featuring the random giggling guy.

2,380 Users

#2 Papa Louie 2 When Burgers Attack

143% Growth

This time Papa Louie will not cook in the kitchen, but will be jumping around!

975 Users

#3 Candy Crush

138% Growth

Candy Crush is an upcoming first-person puzzle video game

8,024 Users

#4 Flow Free

129% Growth

Pair all colors, and cover the entire board to solve each puzzle in Flow Free.

4,511 Users

#5 House Of Fear

129% Growth

House of Fear is a point and click adventure game where you have to find in this scary house your missing friend,The house 2

4,148 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

10/23 to 10/30

Top 5 Lifestyle Apps


#1 Numerology, Know Your Luck with Numbers

110% Growth

Numerology is a Science which tells Your Luck and Personality with Numbers. Click on Your Birth Number and know everything about

604 Users

#2 by

109% Growth

The leading online classified ads and buy and sell website in the Philippines.

4,060 Users

#3 Bible

108% Growth

The best free online bible app.

989 Users

#4 Calorie and Exercise Tracker

108% Growth

A tool to manage your food, exercise and diet needs. Look up calories and nutritional information for all the food you eat.

590 Users

#5 X New Tab Page(ShortCut)

107% Growth

X New Tab Page(ShortCut)provide a shortcut to open X New Tab Page (

926 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

10/23 to 10/30

Top 5 Utilities Apps


#1 Bing Background Wallpaper

126% Growth

Automatically sets Bing's image of the day as the desktop wallpaper on ChromeOS.Requires Dev channel of Chrome OS.

1,576 Users

#2 Anonymous Proxy Browser

119% Growth

This is a straightforward anonymizing solution allows for a safe, anonymous and online based browsing.

1,941 Users

#3 Spam Quarantine Report for Gmail

117% Growth

Many people have been looking for a replacement to the Postini Quarantine report and here it is. This App will look at your Gmai

634 Users

#4 Yosemite Windows theme

113% Growth

Turn Windows into Mac OS X Yosemite

5,446 Users

#5 Mocha TN5250

113% Growth

TN5250 emulator for easy AS/400 access.

710 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

10/23 to 10/30

Top 5 Enter Apps


#1 HalloweenSoundboard

117% Growth

A fun soundboard full of spooky Halloween sound effects!

5,037 Users

#2 Zampoņa

108% Growth

Soul-touching Pan Flute from Latin America. For Issues or Feature requests, mail to:

1,040 Users

#3 Promoterr Funny Videos ( Comedy TV )

107% Growth

Promoterr Comedy Videos is a premium channel that plays all the latest funny videos and comedy from the Internet.

1,117 Users

#4 Vocabulary Flashcards of Exam

106% Growth

Combining Jane Eyre and GRE words with multiple language explanations and picked-words review feature.

1,086 Users

#5 CoolStreaming - Best Streaming Site

106% Growth

CoolStreaming Biggest Internet tv platform to 2005. Also On Ipad,Iphone,Tv-surf,Windows Mobile

1,128 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

10/23 to 10/30

Top 5 Education Apps


#1 Imagine Learning

132% Growth

Imagine Learning is designed to complementthe Imagine Learning Desktop experience for both teachers and students.

10,614 Users

#2 Front Row

131% Growth

Differentiated math instruction.

1,560 Users

#3 Learn to code: WebRTC demo & tutorial

114% Growth

Teach yourself web programming and development with this tutorial on a video chat app coded in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and My

889 Users

#4 NASA Images...On the Go!

111% Growth

This app was designed to better fit your smartphones.

642 Users

#5 10monkeys Math World - LITE

111% Growth

Help your child enjoy math with thousands of online activities.

640 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

10/23 to 10/30

Top 5 News/Weat Apps


#1 Read It Now

107% Growth

Google Reader-esque interface for Read It Later.

1,571 Users

#2 AppMag.Mobi

105% Growth

Mobile App Magazine (International Edition)

850 Users

#3 FeedsAPI

105% Growth

Full RSS to email in real time

1,622 Users

#4 AppAppeal

104% Growth

Web Based App Directory

743 Users

#5 Mubasher Info Portal

104% Growth

Arab Stock Exchanges News & Stock Prices

731 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

10/23 to 10/30

Top 5 Prod Apps


#1 Super Neutron Drive

112% Growth

Code editor for local, cloud, and remote development

1,841 Users

#2 MuziTube Launch

112% Growth

Open your MuziTube

1,605 Users

#3 Gnaw Cookie

111% Growth

Gnaw Cookie allows you to get or set cookies easily.

1,232 Users

#4 YArooms

108% Growth

Meeting Room Scheduling Software

570 Users

#5 PlaceMobility BETA

107% Growth

PlaceMobility BETA: realtime Google Streetview experiment using Google Maps JavaScript API v3 and Chrome

798 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

10/23 to 10/30

Top 5 Business Apps


#1 Freshdesk

151% Growth

Helpdesk Software

1,713 Users

#2 Exchange rates

117% Growth

Currency exchange rates, convertor, and central bank interest rates

1,027 Users

#3 NiftyQuoter

113% Growth

NiftyQuoter proposal software helps businesses create beautiful business proposals and quotes for their clients in minutes and?ā

777 Users

#4 Long Tail Keyword Tool Pro

112% Growth

The Long Tail Keywod Tool is your reliable, renewable source of the most popular longtail keywords.

881 Users

#5 Spreadsheet Pre Setup

112% Growth

Serves as adding machine, budgeting spreadsheet, estimating spreadsheet and shopping lists. There is no setup, pre setup.)

996 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

10/23 to 10/30

Top 5 Soc/Comm Apps


#1 Any Files To PDF

116% Growth

iSnap - unofficial client for snapchat™ - Use snapchat on your Desktop or chromebook - 100% javascript

9,118 Users

#2 Pinterest one click login

113% Growth

One click Pinterest account access!

15,150 Users

#3 Flock: Chat for Teams and Businesses

113% Growth Messenger for desktop

1,011 Users

#4 Interesting Thing of the Day

111% Growth

Daily Interesting Articles. Subjects include movies, gaming, entertainment, invention ideas, sports, foods, places and more.

904 Users

#5 gUnify Chat

110% Growth

gUnify Chat Application

944 Users

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