Best Free Chrome Apps

10/13 to 10/20

Top 5 Games Apps


#1 Candy Crush

209% Growth

Candy Crush is an upcoming first-person puzzle video game

4,799 Users

#2 Candy Crush Web Game

147% Growth

An Candy Crush Web Game on chrome store

1,144 Users

#3 Preflopper Omaha Poker Calculator

144% Growth

The Omaha PreFlopper is a simple-to-use application that will help you develop a solid pre-flop playing strategy.

797 Users

#4 Motocross Nitro

141% Growth

Motocross racing nitro attend. Carefully drive motor in the obstacle course and finish the race first.

8,327 Users

#5 Flow Free

128% Growth

Pair all colors, and cover the entire board to solve each puzzle in Flow Free.

3,218 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

10/13 to 10/20

Top 5 Lifestyle Apps


#1 Indian Train Seat Locator

110% Growth

Find seat position and berth type from the Coach and Seat Number available on Indian Railway Ticket.

1,069 Users

#2 Bible Trivia - Guess My Name

110% Growth

Try to guess the names of 150 characters from the Bible based on short descriptions.

2,643 Users


109% Growth is an online shopping list program. Access it from home, work, or your mobile device. Share an account…

602 Users

#4 Bible

109% Growth

The best free online bible app.

919 Users

#5 Work From Home Money

109% Growth

Work From Home Money is where you will learn how to make good money working from home.

1,177 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

10/13 to 10/20

Top 5 Utilities Apps


#1 Qwant for Chrome

143% Growth

QWANT is a search engine that shows you the web in a different way. No tracking, No filter bubble, No cookies. Search free.

1,396 Users

#2 Anonymous Proxy Browser

121% Growth

This is a straightforward anonymizing solution allows for a safe, anonymous and online based browsing.

1,559 Users

#3 Countdown

115% Growth

Watch the time count down. Very flexible countdown & egg timer!

1,621 Users

#4 Business Card Maker Free

114% Growth


5,316 Users

#5 PocketCloud

114% Growth

Search, view, organize, and share from yourcomputers while on the go.

55,628 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

10/13 to 10/20

Top 5 Enter Apps


#1 Beautyworks -Fashion Magazine, Fashion News, Fashion Shows, Fashion Blog

111% Growth

Beautyworks is for all you beautiful ladies out there wanting to look and feel your best

2,746 Users

#2 Sudoku X

110% Growth

Sudoku X is a super fun version of the classic game of Sudoku! There is one difference between this version and the original tha

2,440 Users

#3 Mortal kombat Online

110% Growth

Cl..ssico do Video-Game direto do navegador na internet

21,804 Users

#4 endlessPlayer

110% Growth

Plays your favourite video-content in an endless stream.

2,703 Users

#5 Lady Jane Solitaire

108% Growth

Lady Jane Solitaire is a fun rendition of solitaire played with two piles! When you begin the game ten piles of cards are dealt

2,375 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

10/13 to 10/20

Top 5 Education Apps


#1 SMART amp

202% Growth

SMART amp is a powerful cloud-based web application that connects mobile devices across platforms.

1,484 Users

#2 Imagine Learning

138% Growth

Imagine Learning is designed to complementthe Imagine Learning Desktop experience for both teachers and students.

8,015 Users

#3 Skill Builder Spelling Beta - By Kaiserapps

127% Growth

A completely offline spelling application.

1,089 Users

#4 Scholastic Classroom Magazines

122% Growth

The online companion to Classroom Magazines brings you a digital version of each issue along with videos, skills games, and more

1,489 Users

#5 Discovery Education

116% Growth

Explore your curiousity!

9,421 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

10/13 to 10/20

Top 5 News/Weat Apps


#1 WeatherPro

106% Growth

WeatherPro features seven-day forecasts and reports for over two million locations worldwide.

1,260 Users

#2 World Weather Forecast

105% Growth

World's Weather Forecast. Excellent, useful and fullscreen user interface. Supports 16 languages.

3,709 Users

#3 Tipico Sports

105% Growth

Tipico - Online live betting for football, tennis with top bonus offer.

665 Users

#4 Crowsnest -Personalized News Media

105% Growth

Crowsnest is a social news reader application that automatically aggregates important links on Twitter and lets you read them…

2,353 Users

#5 Read It Now

104% Growth

Google Reader-esque interface for Read It Later.

1,441 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

10/13 to 10/20

Top 5 Prod Apps


#1 sFTP Client (FTP, SFTP, SSH Support)

119% Growth

Full FTP / SFTP offline app for Google Chrome / Chrome OS (Not Hosted).

21,490 Users

#2 RegExp Tester

112% Growth

Test your regular expressions in the fly.

1,242 Users

#3 Dillinger

112% Growth

The last Markdown editor, ever.

575 Users

#4 Web Design Project Online Marketplace

112% Growth

The largest online marketplace connecting website owners with web design and internet marketing firms

1,026 Users

#5 Tjeklist

110% Growth

For your tasks, to-dos, projects, goals and more

616 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

10/13 to 10/20

Top 5 Business Apps


#1 Freshdesk

115% Growth

Helpdesk Software

1,222 Users

#2 Register

113% Growth

Register your ASUS product

20,507 Users

#3 GreenAddress

113% Growth

The safer Bitcoin wallet that puts you in control.See and for more informati

6,072 Users

#4 Investing, Forex, Stock, Currencies

111% Growth

Stocks, Mutual Funds, ETFs, Indices, Futures, Currencies. Details, Historical data, Create your portfolio, Set alerts

611 Users

#5 All Business Documents

110% Growth

All-Business-Documents helps you create nearly any imaginable piece of professional business paperwork.

740 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

10/13 to 10/20

Top 5 Soc/Comm Apps


#1 Any Files To PDF

120% Growth

iSnap - unofficial client for snapchat™ - Use snapchat on your Desktop or chromebook - 100% javascript

7,399 Users

#2 FaceBook Leads Extractor App

113% Growth

FB Leads Extractor app is a tool that captures contact information from Facebook.!

1,102 Users

#3 Odnoklassniki fast login

113% Growth

One click account access!

4,431 Users

#4 Pinterest one click login

112% Growth

One click Pinterest account access!

12,851 Users

#5 VK inviz

112% Growth

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30,045 Users

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