Best Free Chrome Apps

09/23 to 10/01

Top 5 Games Apps


#1 Angry Birds Go

211% Growth

Angry Birds Go! is the kart racing adventure that started the loveable cast of that super addictive puzzle birds pigs series...

3,931 Users

#2 Motocross Nitro

181% Growth

Motocross racing nitro attend. Carefully drive motor in the obstacle course and finish the race first.

2,892 Users

#3 Paint Games -Watercolors at Duckie Deck

174% Growth

Here, you can paint anything you want: a landscape, still nature, or a portrait.

1,017 Users

#4 Return Man 2zombies

162% Growth

Ladies and Gentlemen, in front of you is the latest version of the Return Man games Return Man 3. The game was released not...

1,785 Users

#5 Downhill Jam

149% Growth

Ride your skateboard down the busy streets of the city avoiding obstacles and collecting bonus on your way.

2,892 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

09/23 to 10/01

Top 5 Lifestyle Apps


#1 Daily Horoscopes

116% Growth

Get your daily free horoscope and astrology readings. Find horoscopes for all signs of the zodiac!

1,142 Users

#2 Calm

109% Growth for your Desktop

1,656 Users

#3 Awesome Driving Directions

109% Growth

Find the fastest or shortest route. Directions available for the US, Canada, UK, Australia and more.

639 Users

#4 Love Tester Deluxe 2

109% Growth

Are you and your love meant to be? The answer is in the stars!

1,965 Users

#5 Template Tool eBay Listing Designer

109% Growth

Simple Listing Designer for eBay Sellers

999 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

09/23 to 10/01

Top 5 Utilities Apps


#1 TimeDoser

179% Growth

Dosify your time

5,830 Users

#2 DocuSignTransaction Rooms

147% Growth

Cartavi - A Simple Way to Share

872 Users

#3 Image to SVG TextConverter

126% Growth

Convert images to stylized text in SVG format.

1,688 Users

#4 Remember Me! Yearbooks

123% Growth

Create Yearbooks Online!

874 Users

#5 Qwant for Chrome

123% Growth

QWANT is a search engine that shows you the web in a different way. No tracking, No filter bubble, No cookies. Search free.

681 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

09/23 to 10/01

Top 5 Enter Apps


#1 Mortal kombat Online

118% Growth

Cl..ssico do Video-Game direto do navegador na internet

16,369 Users

#2 Camera360 X’mas Egg

110% Growth

X’mas Egg by Camera360, designed by Camera360 developers, is a magical offer for Christmas. Wanna have a gift for your friend th

809 Users

#3 Lady Jane Solitaire

107% Growth

Lady Jane Solitaire is a fun rendition of solitaire played with two piles! When you begin the game ten piles of cards are dealt

1,854 Users

#4 Tamil Paa

106% Growth

Tamil songs lyrics for all kind of Tamil Movies in 100% in pure tamil.

616 Users

#5 Cube Pack

106% Growth

Discover the best way to have fun on Chrome

644 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

09/23 to 10/01

Top 5 Education Apps


#1 scrible Student Edition

161% Growth

Smarter Web reading and research. Annotate, bookmark, save, manage and share online articles. Citations, bibliographies, reports

1,056 Users

#2 TestNav

151% Growth

Online Testing App from Pearson

22,991 Users

#3 Traductor Inglés Español

144% Growth

Traducir texto a otros idiomas.

1,327 Users

#4 StudentCreated.TV

138% Growth

Free, educational kids teaching kids Student-Created Tutorials for all school subjects by Eric Marcos’ students and around the g

783 Users

#5 GBS Library To Go

128% Growth

Get the GBS Library"s official Chrome app!

1,644 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

09/23 to 10/01

Top 5 News/Weat Apps


#1 Web del Fútbol

109% Growth

Fútbol online

718 Users

#2 ruddl - reddit browser

104% Growth

Better way to browse reddit. See top comments right on the page. Browse other subreddits/sections. Auto-updates every minute.

622 Users

#3 Minimal Reddit

104% Growth

Minimal version of

1,104 Users

#4 Fuso orario in temporeale

104% Growth

Calcolo del fuso orario in tempo reale con differenza tra due citta

569 Users

#5 Good Magazine

104% Growth

For people who give a damn.

1,196 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

09/23 to 10/01

Top 5 Prod Apps


#1 Subtext Editor

124% Growth

An code editor for Chrome.

4,015 Users

#2 Super Neutron Drive

117% Growth

Code editor for local, cloud, and remote development

1,109 Users

#3 Chrome Apps & Extensions Developer Tool

115% Growth

Develop and Debug Chrome apps.

282,162 Users

#4 JackDB - SQL Database Client

114% Growth

JackDB is a web-based SQL query tool and database client that supports the most popular databases and cloud platforms.

5,902 Users

#5 Zed Code Editor

114% Growth

The opiniated text and code editor

23,385 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

09/23 to 10/01

Top 5 Business Apps


#1 Spreadsheet Pre Setup

115% Growth

Serves as adding machine, budgeting spreadsheet, estimating spreadsheet and shopping lists. There is no setup, pre setup.)

680 Users

#2 Draft

114% Growth

A Chrome App to bring Draft to your Desktop.

17,969 Users

#3 Register

114% Growth

Register your ASUS product

12,586 Users

#4 Tarot Reading (FREE)

113% Growth

The app gives a quick snapshot of how market is trading today. Major companies have been included in pre-defined sectors.

4,157 Users

#5 Facturation en ligne : Factomos

113% Growth

La gestion de votre facturation simplifi?úápour TPE et ind?»Ñndants. Une ergonomie bien faite et une prise en main imm?ú?ate.

573 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

09/23 to 10/01

Top 5 Soc/Comm Apps


#1 Any Files To PDF

156% Growth

iSnap - unofficial client for snapchat™ - Use snapchat on your Desktop or chromebook - 100% javascript

3,796 Users

#2 AdBlock for Facebook

138% Growth

Remove ads from the Facebook sidebar and newsfeed

3,272 Users

#3 gUnify Chat

119% Growth

gUnify Chat Application

925 Users

#4 Odnoklassniki fastlogin

119% Growth

One click account access!

3,120 Users

#5 ??????? ????????? ??

119% Growth

??????? ????????? ??

29,820 Users

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