Best Free Chrome Apps

11/16 to 11/23

Top 5 Games Apps


#1 Space Ark @

173% Growth

3D space puzzle adventure!

1,043 Users

#2 Manyland

166% Growth

Welcome to Manyland, an open universe we invent and live together!

12,333 Users

#3 TU-95 - Pilot the Plane!

151% Growth

Learn how to fly and maneuver the plane!

25,205 Users

#4 Kingdom Rush Frontiers

140% Growth

Defend your Kingdom against the forces of evil in this awesome sequel of the epic tower defense game!

66,311 Users

#5 Paint Games - Watercolors at Duckie Deck

138% Growth

Here, you can paint anything you want: a landscape, still nature, or a portrait.

946 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

11/16 to 11/23

Top 5 Lifestyle Apps


#1 Dinner Happy

133% Growth

All your favorite recipes

2,866 Users

#2 Lista Meal Planning

118% Growth

Love to cook with Lista cooking tools. Collect recipes, plan your meals, create shopping lists and enjoy cooking more everyday!

3,503 Users

#3 Fridgg ~ Food Fanatics

116% Growth

Discover other amazing food photography, recipes, and food bloggers.

6,130 Users


111% Growth

Watch thousands of video reviews covering range of varietals, vintages and price points.

5,005 Users

#5 Bible

108% Growth

The best free online bible app.

1,148 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

11/16 to 11/23

Top 5 Utilities Apps


#1 Freelancy Time Tracker

189% Growth

A per-task time tracker

1,812 Users

#2 Webflow - Website Builder

177% Growth

Webflow is a drag-and-drop website builder for creating professional responsive websites without code.

2,071 Users

#3 CamioCam Viewer

136% Growth

Smart Search and Alerts for your personal real-time video streams

1,019 Users

#4 Christmas Clock - the Xmas Countdown

128% Growth

Count down to Xmas with this sweet Christmas Clock.

1,182 Users

#5 Squarespace

122% Growth

Everything you need to create your own professional website

1,292 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

11/16 to 11/23

Top 5 Enter Apps


#1 AccuRadio

115% Growth

Truck Simulator Games are bringing the new mentality to simulation games. You can play new generation truck games in this catego

14,666 Users

#2 Conway's Game of Life in 3D

115% Growth

A colorful version of Conway's Game of Life in 3D

1,162 Users

#3 AmosTV

107% Growth

Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the beauty of the world around you.

640 Users

#4 Yule Log Video

107% Growth

Holiday Yule Log Video

544 Users

#5 MyMusicCloud

107% Growth

MyMusicCloud is a global music service that enables you to access and play your music on any device

35,625 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

11/16 to 11/23

Top 5 Education Apps


#1 Translate Ninja

134% Growth

Translates text to a language of your choice, ninja style!

1,072 Users

#2 Typo Express

124% Growth

Typo Express - A fun and addictive typing App. will Helps improve your typing speed and accuracy in a fun and challenging way.

1,234 Users

#3 Scholastic Classroom Magazines

114% Growth

The online companion to Classroom Magazines brings you a digital version of each issue along with videos, skills games, and more

1,909 Users

#4 BookFlix

112% Growth

BookFlix is an online literacy resource that pairs classic video storybooks with related nonfiction e-books.

662 Users

#5 Antonyms and Synonyms

112% Growth

First grade and second grade antonyms and synonyms is a fun educational games for children to learn vocabularies.

1,684 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

11/16 to 11/23

Top 5 News/Weat Apps


#1 DS Trendy News

110% Growth

Check the daily hot news from multiple sources.DS Trendy News reflect the pulse OF THE PLANET on any given day.

587 Users

#2 NewsQast

107% Growth

News updates from local TV stations and newspapers, current weather and traffic conditions, and more from your favorite location

1,025 Users

#3 EldonReader

103% Growth

Transforms your favorite websites into an interactive digital magazine.

1,160 Users

#4 WeatherPro

103% Growth

WeatherPro features seven-day forecasts and reports for over two million locations worldwide.

1,398 Users

#5 Industry Tap

103% Growth

Tap into engineering and industry news.

789 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

11/16 to 11/23

Top 5 Prod Apps


#1 Color Picker and Converter

114% Growth

A simple HSL/RGB/HEX color picker and converter.

736 Users

#2 JSON Pretty Printer

113% Growth

Pretty Printer for JSON expression

1,082 Users

#3 Web Design Project Online Marketplace

110% Growth

The largest online marketplace connecting website owners with web design and internet marketing firms

1,376 Users


108% Growth

Derives charts from any HTML web table and provides 1-click charting.

688 Users

#5 MySQL Console

108% Growth

This application provides you "MySQL Console" shell windows.

1,447 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

11/16 to 11/23

Top 5 Business Apps


#1 Kitchen Friend

124% Growth

Get accurate recipe costs instantly. Increase menu profitability and reduce food costs of your hospitality business.

849 Users

#2 Spreadsheet Pre Setup

108% Growth

Serves as adding machine, budgeting spreadsheet, estimating spreadsheet and shopping lists. There is no setup, pre setup.)

1,232 Users

#3 Capsidea: infographics & business dashboards

108% Growth

We make it easier for SMBs to analyse and visualize data. No integration and coding required

866 Users

#4 Instant Social Presence

108% Growth

The ultimate social media branding web app

642 Users

#5 Vtiger CRM

107% Growth

Win More Deals

607 Users


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Best Free Chrome Apps

11/16 to 11/23

Top 5 Soc/Comm Apps


#1 Steam Chat

119% Growth

You can now use Steam Chat at work, directly from your browser!

1,009 Users

#2 Chef

115% Growth

A community for chefs to create and share recipes.

10,932 Users

#3 Friends Visual Map

112% Growth

Interactive visualization of social circles in your Facebook friends graph.

2,604 Users

#4 Hoiio

109% Growth

Stay connected with Hoiio"s award-winning cloud communication services.

713 Users

#5 Mobile Survey Network | Land Surveyors United

109% Growth

Connect and network with land surveyors globally

553 Users

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